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Climate Change - You need to know about it.

In the years 2020 and 2021, we have seen what a worldwide emergency can lead to. Nobody in their lives would have ever imagined that the whole world would be locked down someday. And that too, for months !

As we inch closer to the end of this pandemic, another worldwide emergency knocks at the doorstep.

Climate change - Haha! Ok I know what it is. Nothing's gonna happen. Stay relaxed bro ! Have a drink !

That is the mentality that has led us to this point. We need to understand this. Climate change is real. It is not something that will take place after few 100 or 1000 years. It is happening here and now. The time frame is not in the range of hundreds of years. It's less than a decade. The earth is warming. It is warming fast. Something needs to be done.

It is high time now. We need to value our environment the same way as we value money. Since the Industrial Revolution, there has been a consistent rise in carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Before the Industrial Revolution, these levels used to keep fluctuating. The consistent rise was not a problem till now. The real problem is the current pace. With increase in population, the demand for various things have risen. The rapid surge in demand has led to companies ramping up their production capacities. The increase in production means that carbon emissions will rise. Oil is a classic example in this case.

The amount of waste generated worldwide is increasing. This means that there is an increase in landfills. The waste from landfills releases methane. Methane gas is a very potent gas if it gets collected in large amounts in the atmosphere. It traps much more heat than carbon dioxide. Methane can lead to much more heating than carbon dioxide. Pollution levels are astonishingly rising. The amount of air pollution happening is just crazy. Deforestation is increasing as urban cities spread their wings. All this is happening now. At a rate faster than any time in history.

We are at a point of a revolution. The revolution has to happen. It will happen. The youth is taking great interest in this field, which is obvioausly encouraging. We already know the movements going on in many parts of the world. As time passes by, things have to chnge. Now is the time to give an end to the era of fossil fuels. Sustainability is the next big thing. There is no time for talks.

It is time for action.

We can't wait anymore.

Now is the time to ,

Do it earthily !


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